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Our Twilight Race Series


Results will normally be available online by Saturday or Sunday evening. There may be some weeks when this is delayed due to vacations.

If you have results questions click here to send an email to info@baddlands.org with the proper information.

If you don't check in on the electronic sign in/iPad you will not be listed as having raced. 

Several racers are not wearing team jerseys. If you belong to a team, you must wear your jersey. If you do not have a team jersey, you must indicate to the official at the race briefing your team affiliation. 

Individual and team point primes may be awarded at times during races at SCR and other criterium courses.

If your license color code is red on the results, this means that the license number on file is not correct or your renewal was not included in the latest download from USAC. Once renewals are processed, the color will go to green. 

Several racers continue to place their numbers incorrectly. Numbers must be visible from the side. Frame numbers must also be used. As a guide, put the bottom edge of your jersey number(s) on the front seam of your jersey side panel We have had to use process of elimination with the sign in sheets to try to identify riders who don't place their number properly... it's just way too time consuming. Help us help you keep the valuable points you earn by placing your numbers properly. Number placement guide.

Every racer MUST check ALL their information on the iPad when signing in... if you need to change your number, team, etc. just tap the green > next to your name. We had to adjust the team points because a rider had the incorrect team for a race earlier in the series.

If the first time a racer races in a series is the last race of that series, their placing and points will not count for the series individual or team scoring and the placing and scores of the other finishers will be adjusted accordingly.  

Race Information
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