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Our Twilight Race Series FAQ and other subjects.

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What does an official do?
Officials are responsible for scoring the race, maintaining all the rules of the race, filling out paperwork if you are the chief official for USAC, etc. Officials are licensed by USAC and must take classes and pass exams. For closed courses at Spokane County Raceway Park, we can get by with one official as a minimum. For the Time Trials and Road Races, we will need multiple officials.

What are the categories for the Twilight Series?

Below are guidelines used to determine which packs racers are placed in... the bottom line is that the promoting club reserves the right to place racers in packs they are determined to be most competitive with and also reserves the right to refuse entry to racers. (must be within the stated categories)
  • Twilight Series packs are determined based to some extent on ability, while also using USAC defined categories as a reference.
  • As a general rule, the top three placers of each group in each mini-series will be moved up and asked to try a few races at the next higher category (if still within the stated categories). Racers may also be strongly encouraged to move to a higher pack mid mini-series based on ability.
  • Results and points, activity in races, number of races entered, primes, feedback from officials, and feedback from racers all contribute to the placement of racers in the Twilight Series packs. Midway into the year long series the packs tend to "equalize" somewhat as racers settle into packs they are most competitive with... this is also taken into account when making decisions on racer placement.
  • For initial placement of a new racer, we will use the following:
    • Group A Men 1,2,3 | Women 1,2,3 | Masters 35+
    • Group B Men 4/5B | Women 3/4B | Masters 40+
    • Group C Men 4/5C | Women 4/5C | Masters 50+
    • Group D Men 4/5D | Women 4/5D | Masters 60+
  • Racers moved up to a higher pack will take 1/2 of their points.
  • There are unique situations and those will be handled on a case by case basis.

What are the fees for racing?
$20.00 for SCR and $25 for Road Races (Non Baddlands Members) (Includes $3.75 USAC Insurance charge, and SCR surcharge when at SCR) 

$15.00 (Baddlands Members) for SCR and $20 for Road Races (Includes $3.75 USAC Insurance charge, and SCR surcharge when at SCR)

Unattached Rider Fee: $5.00 (After May 1st)

Numbers (good for all year): $2.00  (includes frame number and bib number. See specific races for details on which side to wear your number  on for SCR and other criterium courses.)

One Day USAC License Fee $10.00

What does a marshal do?
Marshals are used at major intersections, mainly in our road courses. Depending on the course, we may need a single marshal at a corner or multiple marshals at a corner. Plan to show up at the race no later than 30 minutes before the event so you can get instructions from the race organizers. May also take out signs for the corner you will be working.

What does a course setup person do?
Course setup people are responsible for setting up signs (Department Of Transportation, Sandwich Boards, 1K, 200m) before each road race. Also reports back any road conditions that may impact the race. Plan to show up at the race at least one hour before the event. Sometimes signs may be sent out with corner marshals if needed. Responsible for collection of all signs used during the race. Note again that corner marshals may also bring their signs back to the start/finish area.

What does a lead car driver do?
Lead car drivers with vehicles. Lead cars are used for our road courses and go in front of each of the packs to alert oncoming traffic that the race is approaching. Cars maintain a distance well in front of the racers. Need to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the race so signs can be placed on the vehicle. We use "safe" signs that will not scratch vehicles. Most road courses we will try to run three separate packs, so we need three lead cars and drivers.

What does a follow car driver do?
Follow car drivers with vehicles. Follow cars are used for our road courses and follow each of the packs to alert traffic approaching from behind that a race is up the road. Need to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the race so signs can be placed on the the vehicle. We use "safe" signs that will not scratch vehicles. Most road courses we will try to run three seperate packs, so in most cases we need three follow cars and drivers. An exception to this, sometimes we can utilize an Official as a follow vehicle as well.

What does a registration assistant do?
Registration assistants sign up racers, process registration fees, release forms, setup registration area, tables, supplies, etc. Need to be on site one hour before the race starts. Registration closes about 10 minutes before the race starts. After registration is closed you can assist in other areas if needed (driving/marshaling), or even race if all other areas are staffed!


Individual Points Competition
Points will go 10 deep. Scoring is as follows:
1st - 6 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 4 points
4th - 3.5 points
5th - 3 points
6th - 2.5 points
7th - 2 points
8th - 1.5 points
9th - 1 point
10th - .5 point

Plus all racers get one point for participating in the race.

Racers who are moved up to a higher pack in the middle of a mini-series will take 1/2 of their points. (Racers will only be scored in ONE pack at a time. Once a racer moves up, they will no longer be competing in the pack they moved from)

If the first time a racer races in a series is the last race of that series, their placing and points will not count for the series individual or team scoring and the placing and scores of the other finishers will be adjusted accordingly.

Team Points Competition
To earn team points, a team must have two (2) or more riders in the top six (6). Team points will be awarded to the top finisher for the team.

If a team has more than two (2) riders in the top six (6), only the top finisher for the team will earn points... the benefit of having more than two (2) from a team finish in the top six (6) is that your are then taking away point opportunities for other teams.

At the end of each mini-series, we will reset all team points back to zero.

Team points will not be awarded for Time Trial races!

Team points are awarded as follows:
1st - 6 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 4 points
4th - 3.5 points
5th - 3 points
6th - 2.5 points

Number Placement.

Numbers must be clearly visible from the side. Our cameras record at eye level so if your number is on your back, hidden by your arm, on your pockets, etc. you will not be scored.

Two bib/jersey numbers must be worn for road courses. One bib/jersey number can be worn for races at Spokane County Raceway and other criterium venues. Check the specific race details (by clicking on the event on the calendar) to see which side to have your number on for Spokane Country Raceway and other criterium venues. Frame numbers must be used for all races.

If you have a WSBA number we will accept that for Twilight Series races. If you don't have a WSBA number we will still have Twilight Series numbers as we always do... $2 for two bib numbers and one frame number. Please don't lose your numbers! Replacement numbers could cost a lot more, depends on if the registration people are in a good mood or not...

Those that have needed a replacement number, PLEASE race with the last number you received. Do not switch back to your original number.

Race Day Contact Information General/Medical

Race Headquarters Day Of Event

Twilight Series
Race Headquarters will be located at the race venue. Tuesdays 4:45pm - end of race.

Race Information
Baddlands Cycling Club
418 East Pacific Suite 101
Spokane, WA 99202-1456
Voice: 509.220.0683
Email: info@baddlands.org

Medical Facilities
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
101 W 8th Avenue

Deaconess Medical Center
800 West 5th Avenue



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